Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Sunday

We had a nice Easter Sunday. It wasn't too hectic, which was nice. The boys enjoyed their treats from the Easter Bunny. Spencer LOVES Mickey Mouse. Our sweet neighbor gave him a Mickey Mouse toy and he absolutely loves it. I just have to start walking to the closet to get it and he starts going crazy. So, the Easter Bunny brought him a Mickey Mouse DVD, book and plush Mickey. He also got Pop Links.Parker likes explaining everything new to Spencer. Parker LOVES the Berenstain Bears books. So, he got a set of Berenstain bears books, (which I love because they are from Focus on the Family. They are about the Golden Rule, Say Their Prayers, Go to Sunday School and God loves you) DVD and a new Leapster game.

After church, we went to Carol's for Easter lunch. Parker had the Easter egg hunt to himself. So, it was more of a race. There were three prize eggs. One for him, Spencer and Baby Ethan. He was sweet and gave them their eggs. They each had a $2 bill in them.


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