Thursday, March 20, 2008

We Love the Grizzlies!

As many of you may know, Parker has an obsession with the Memphis Grizzlies. He knows every player's name and jersey number. He knows who the Grizzlies are sponsored by and he even sings the music played during the games. Every night and I mean every night we play a game of basketball. He essentially is a player & commentator all in one. Last week, the Grizzlies had their annual MVP party for season ticket holders. It was at Putt-Putt & Games. Parker had a great time getting up and close with his favorite players. He got his picture made with almost every player, played putt-putt with Mike Conley (in which Parker got two hole-in-ones) and bowled with Andre Brown. He even got to shoot some baskets and go down the big inflatable slide, which he loved. Parker loved the Grizzlies and still talks about how much fun he had at this party.

Parker with Kyle Lowery and Casey Jacobson

Parker with Mike Conley and realizing just how tall Darko Milicic is

Parker lining up his putt (hole-in-one on first hole) and this shot was nothing but net.


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