Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cute Conversations with Parker

  • Last week my mom (Mimi) called. Parker said, "What is Mimi doing?" I said, "Mimi is at her school. Today was her last day of school." Parker got this funny look on his face. He asked, "Mommy, how old is Mimi?" I said, "Well, she is 56." (Yes, mom, I just let everyone know your age.) Parker replied, "Oh wow! Next year she will be in the 57 year old class." Trying to contain my laughter, I said Parker remember Mimi is the teacher and tried to remind him that she teaches the boys and girls. He wasn't budging. He was stuck on the idea of her being in the 57 year olds class.
  • On Monday, Bart was mowing the grass and after he mowed the back yard Parker went out to play. When Bart was finished mowing, we all had popsicles outside. I made the comment. "Oh, Parker you got hot and sweaty just like daddy." And he replied, "Yeah, we are NASTY!"


At 6:04 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

So cute! I'm impressed that he already knows 57 comes after 56!


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