Monday, December 11, 2006

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Parker has been going through this stage where he has been afraid of Santa Claus. We went to a Breakfast with Santa two weeks ago and Parker would have nothing to do him. However, tonight was a great moment at the Wolfchase Galleria. Parker stepped up with some hesitation, plopped down in Santa's lap and got his picture made. He then proceeded to tell Santa he wanted a Wiggles Piano. Then Parker said "Santa, I done. I need my sucker please." It was really too funny. Mitzi and I were so proud of him. For being such a big boy, he got to go see Mickey at the Disney Store, ride the carousel, then eat ice cream. He had a big night!

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...

CHRISTMAS. This year was a lot of fun putting up Christmas decorations with Parker. We went and got a live tree, which he thought was "pretty nifty". He loved playing with the lights and helping Mommy and Daddy hang them on the tree. And he can't get over the fact that there is a star on top of our tree. Every morning we plug the lights in and we get the same reaction from him, "Wow!".

Auburn vs Georgia

Well, we made the trip down to the Loveliest Village on The Plains only to see Auburn lose their final home game to the Georgia Bulldogs. However, we had a great time in Auburn. We got to ride down in Pa and Monya's motorhome and Parker got to go to his first 'Burn the Bulldogs Parade' and Pep Rally. Parker also got to visit a lot of the sites around campus, well mainly just where they play sports. He got to go up into the suites at Jordan Hare Stadium, went inside Beard Eaves Memorial Coliseum and went to Hitchcock Field at Plainsman Park. Parker also got his first taste of Toomer's Lemonade. Although we lost the game, we ended up with great seats almost on the 50 yard line and once again Parker managed to get in the game free. War Eagle!