Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stanford St. Jude Championship

This years golf tournament was June 5 - June 8. Parker and I were able to go out to the tournament on Thursday and Saturday. It was truly a great father-son moment. On Thursday, we had to quickly find Stuart Appleby, one of Parker's favorite golfers because he plays him on Tiger Woods golf on the Wii. Parker thought it was really cool to be able to see him. Then we watched Vijay Singh on the putting green and Parker quickly realized how important practicing was as he looked up at me and said, "Daddy, he never misses." We then went to the Buick Golf trailer where Parker got a visor (like Stuart Appleby), got his picture with Tiger Woods and got his first golf lesson. There was a pro analyzing golf swings and he had a 5 iron Parker's size. He showed Parker how to address the ball and swing. Parker was hitting them straight into the net and the pro said he was making great contact. Then we watched some tee shots on Hole #1 and Vance Veazy threw Parker a golf ball. He thought that was the greatest thing and wouldn't stop talking about. Parker did great being quiet while the golfers were hitting. After every shot he would yell out 'Nice Shot'. Everyone around us thought he was so funny. On Saturday we sat on the 18th green and chomped down on hot dogs and pronto pups. He thought it was great to clap for the golfers when they walked up the 18th fairway. He would say, 'Here come the golfers.' He looked up at me on Saturday and said,'Daddy, I like this golf tournament, thank you for bringing me.' That was truly a great moment and I can't wait till the tournament next year.


On Friday, Parker was watching Sesame Street. Elmo was talking about friends. I took this opportunity to talk to Parker about friends. This is the way the conversation went:

Mom: Parker, tell me about your friends.
Parker: Well, I only have one friend.
(Mom is terribly sadden, thinking this is too sad, but I press on.)
Mom: What is your friend's name?
Parker: My best friend is going to be Spencer.

At that point, I was no longer sad, but very proud. I pray that Parker and Spencer will truly be best friends throughout life.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Members Night at the Zoo

We went to the Members Night that they had at the zoo. We really had a good time. They let the children wade in the fountain. (We chose not to do that.) All of the rides were free. (Parker thought that they were just for the party because we don't ever do that at the zoo.)

Parker was acting silly on the train. He was pretending it was a roller coaster.

What a cute picture with daddy!

This is inside the beautiful butterfly exhibit. Parker loved it. He would really try to catch the butterflies.

The polar bears were really playing right in front of the windows. It was the most that we had ever seen them play.

We enjoyed a wonderful family night together.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cute Conversations with Parker

  • Last week my mom (Mimi) called. Parker said, "What is Mimi doing?" I said, "Mimi is at her school. Today was her last day of school." Parker got this funny look on his face. He asked, "Mommy, how old is Mimi?" I said, "Well, she is 56." (Yes, mom, I just let everyone know your age.) Parker replied, "Oh wow! Next year she will be in the 57 year old class." Trying to contain my laughter, I said Parker remember Mimi is the teacher and tried to remind him that she teaches the boys and girls. He wasn't budging. He was stuck on the idea of her being in the 57 year olds class.
  • On Monday, Bart was mowing the grass and after he mowed the back yard Parker went out to play. When Bart was finished mowing, we all had popsicles outside. I made the comment. "Oh, Parker you got hot and sweaty just like daddy." And he replied, "Yeah, we are NASTY!"